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Advice from Jennie~

Post  Jennie on Fri Nov 25, 2011 8:33 pm

Hi story tellers! I know that a lot of people like to write stories without getting bad feedback from other people. I mean, everyone loves compliments right? I, too, am one of the people who take in negative comments as a big deal because honestly, I'm a sensitive person. But yeah, just understand that not everyone would like the same thing and think the same way. As there are many fans, there are also many others that just don't like things. For example, Nick and I; I love MMVs, but apparently he thinks it's sh*tty, fake, and misleading (Nick, that's SHORT STORIES you're talking about, not Maplestory Music Videos F3), well, that's okay! For videos on YouTube, about 95% of the time, you'll see a dislike. The video I made for this server; one person-who-doesn't-know-what-cuteness-is disliked the video. Maybe because it seemed a little rushed or it just doesn't appeal to them (or maybe the dislike was just a mistake? Lol)? Well, that's okay! As for storytelling, you might be getting some feedback that says the person disliked it. Don't take it offensively, take it in... uh... passionately! Yeahh! xD the negativity just helps you make your story writing better so that it appeals to more people and your fans would like it even more! If there's someone who completely dislikes the plot and everything in it (who knows why they're even reading!!), then that just tells you that they're looking for something different. So let them find it on their own. Don't lose the confidence and determination to writing! Everyone has a good story to write, you just have to keep your head up and try! ;D so get your pencils up and get ready to brainstorm!! *cheers for you guys* oh wait! *cheers for myself* hehe :] have a wonderful day! Love you guys~

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